We are currently taking bookings for 2024 spring / summer season.


Cuskinny is all about experiencing the great outdoors in fun and creative ways. Whether its team adventure challenges, educational tours or group activities for a fun day out , Cuskinny will work with you to develop a unique programme to suit your individual requirements.

The range of activities and exercises we have to offer have been designed to support learning and positive group dynamics.  We carefully select our instructors based on both their skills but also in their ability to run groups in both a fun way but also a safe and structured manner.   Cuskinny promises to be a fun day out for every group.  We have a minimum group size of 14 and we can offer tailor made packages to suit your groups needs and wishes. Simply call or email us on our contact us page.



Experience an adrenaline rush on our 50m Zipline. You will be given a full safety briefing and kitted up with harness and helmet. Our Zipline is fully ERCA certified.


Climbing Wall

Push your limits on our 24ft realistic granite texture climbing wall. 4 participants can climb at any one time on 4 distinct climbing routes offering plenty of time to tackle the various challenges. Our wall also has a hydraulic auto-belay system that gently lowers climbers back to ground level.


Squirrel Trail

This is a low ropes course challenge where your team has to get from start to finish going tree to tree over and around various beams, ropes, tyres tight wires and moving obstacles without touching the ground.  Each section requires different skills, balancing and problem solving whilst on the move.  This activity teaches balance, agility and confidence building. As it is only 1-2 feet off the ground it is great for nervous and adventurous children alike. This session also incorporates some fun information about our native Red Squirrels and forest ecology.  Our instructor will ensure that the whole group works together to get through the course as a team.


Grass Sledging

Similar to the winter sport of downhill tobogganing our special grass sledges are designed to run speedily downhill on our sloped grass run. Grass sledges are equipped with brakes that bring the sledge to a gradual stop.   Participants are offered


Team Games

A range of field games designed to encourage teamwork, communication and problem solving.  Great fun for all ages. Your groups will work in two teams to complete a set of mental and physical challenges that will play to all strengths.  The better the group works as a team the faster they will solve the challenge!



Our specially developed programme takes place in our woodland classroom here at Cuskinny Court.  Learn the priorities for a survival situation.  Build a lean to shelter, start a fire using a flint and steel, and how to make dirty water safe to drink.  


Backwoods Cooking in the Wild

There is nothing like cooking over a campfire! participants will be given a set of ingredients and recipes for cooking a meal without the use of pots or pans.  We change the recipes periodically but we usually include a simple dough bread that is baked over the fire wrapped around a stick.  Fire safety is paramount with this activity and the instructor will be on hand to ensure the safety of participants at all times.



Drumming Circle

Experience the spontaneous creation of music in the wild. Our leader will help each person in the group drum together to create their own unique sound. This exercise is a fun and exciting way to bring people together through music. This is activity will take place in our well ventilated Pagoda.


Cuskinny Forest Maze Challenge Course

This takes place in the beautiful forest area of the grounds and incorporate many different challenges for the group. We have tunnels to crawl through, mazes to negotiate, spider webs to weave through and various other over and under challenges for the group to overcome. The course blends into the woodland environment, making use of the natural pathways available. In order to make their way round, the group need to work together as a team to overcome the challenges they face. This is not a race challenge and encourages each team member to use their different skillsets as a team. It is designed to build confidence and encourages positive group dynamics.


Learn to aim and shoot an arrow from a bow at a target. This is a fun way for people to learn about the sport and the session is filled with fun competitions to can hit the bullseye.  We also provide junior archery using smaller bows and closer targets.


Nature Crafts

A creative activity session recommended for ages 6 – 8, however we can adjust it to suit older groups on request.  The session starts with a safety talk on what not to pick or touch outdoors followed by a materials foraging walk in the woods and hedgerows of Cuskinny Court where they will gather some natural materials to make there own original Forest Creature.  We will provide some base elements e.g wooden disks, pine cones etc.  as well as a selection of crafting materials.


Sow & Grow!

A fun and hands-on workshop where participants will get an understanding of how food is grown using traditional methods. Set in the original historic walled gardens of Cuskinny Court dating from the Mid-1800s.

In this session your group will learn about soil health, the importance of biodiversity, pollinators, composting, sowing seeds, planting seedlings, what vegetables grow well in our region and how to control pests and weeds using natural chemical free methods. This is a fun and interactive session where participants learn by doing!

Gardening gloves will be provided to each participants.