Gaisce – The Presidents Award

Our goal is to make the Gaisce programme accessible to as many young people as possible. Our team of experienced leaders have developed a range of exciting, educational, fun and challenging packages to suit your needs. As part of the President’s Award, our onsite Gaisce PAL can assist you in completing the “Adventurous Journey” section of your Bronze or Silver Award.

1. Run your own Gaisce Adventure Journey

Plan your journey around Great Island and use Cuskinny as your base for accomodation and self-catering Hostel stay with full self-catering facilities Full Camp Set up for your group with tents and ground mat with option of full self-catering facilities* Camp Site facilities with option to avail of full self-catering facilities* * An additional fee applies for use of self catering based on the size of your group

2. Facilitated Adventure Journey

Our PAL will guide your group and help them to plan the route for their 25 to 35km hike for Bronze within the bounds of Great Island or 50km to 79km hike for Silver on a planned route of your choice. We will facilitate your group in setting up their challenges and assist in support the group to work as a team. Choose your preferred style of accomodation from the packages listed below:

Sample Itinerary for 25-35k Hike

Day 1 – 18 km Hike

9.30 – Arrive in Cuskinny

9.45 – Set Up Camp or Place Gear in Dorms

10.15 – Plan Route and set Challenges

12.00 – Depart for Part 1 of Hike

14.30 – Packed Lunch

15.00 – Recommence Hike

18.00 – Arrive back at Cuskinny

18.30 – Self Catered Dinner

20.00 – Free Time

22.00 – Camp Fire

23.00 – Lights Out

Day 2 – 9 km Hike

8.00 – Self Catered Breakfast

9.30 – Depart for Hike Part 2

13.00 – Arrive Back at Cuskinny

13.30 – Self Catered Lunch

14.00 – Pack Gear 14.30 – Depart Cuskinny

• Hostel stay with full self-catering facilities, Leader facilitated hike and Campfire circle supervision: €40.00

• Full Camp set up with full self-catering facilities, Leader facilitated hike and Campfire: €35.00

• Camp Site with full self-catering facilities, Leader facilitated hike and Campfire: €30.00

The above Packages are designed for the Bronze medal, these can be adapted for the silver also. Options to add activity’s also available check out our website for more information:

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